Jeppe Schilder (1982) is a documentary and portrait photographer, storyteller, communication advisor, concept developer and content strategist with a focus on humanitarian and international development issues. He travelled to more than 40 countries collecting stories.

Jeppe also has a broad experience in mentoring workshops in storytelling and photography for NGO staff and is the founder and coordinator of the DRA humanitarian aid course Beyond Disaster: a course for journalism students in the Netherlands in partnership with the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, SHO and four Journalism Schools in the Netherlands.

His academic background in Conflict Studies & Human Rights, combined with extensive experience working both in the field and at NGO Headquarters, have given him the experience and insight to understand the contexts in which humanitarian and development organisations work.

Too often aid is seen as simply cheques going out the door. For many it is difficult to visualise what this money actually represents and what it can do. In his work, Jeppe aims to bring this aid to life with striking photography, compelling stories and engaging concepts to motivate supporters and affect change. He tries to show aid is about transforming lives. That it is about health services, schools and institutions that transform communities. Fundamentals that matter to people all over the world.

Jeppe is commissioned by several NGOs like Oxfam Novib, War Child, dr. Denis Mukwege Foundation, Free Press Unlimited, Pax, Clingendael, Spark, Diakonia, PMU and dance4life. His worked has been published in various media including Sunday Telegraph, Globe and Mail, NRC Next, NRC Handelsblad, Neue Zürcher Zeitung am Sonntag and Radio Netherlands Worldwide.

When not working abroad, Jeppe is available for assignment in the Netherlands.


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